Thursday, December 23, 2010


 The first big lie. It occurs to me that in the early stages of mans creation of a society how does one get there neighbors to agree to anything. There are no laws and morals and ethics are not even words yet let alone concepts. One knows right from wrong but what is to prevent you from making either choice. Well what if its not me who suggests such things but it came from something greater then you or I, something vastly superior that if not obeyed will rain down all sorts of bad luck, omens, plaques, locust and hell fire upon you. The invention of God/Gods etc and so forth begins and ethics and morals and general good get you and I to conduct ourselves in a civilized manner.

 All men were created equal. Its after the moment of that creation that we start to set ourselves apart. The choices we make and the opportunities that are available to us from birth, Our own physical and mental limitations start to separate us. We are all unique. All special. Every life is precious.

 I am not anti-religious. Some of us struggle with our internal moral and ethical balance more then others and if these people need prayer, structure and ritual that organized religions provide and if that is what it takes for these people to be happy and productive members of society then I will not begrudge them there choice.

 It is only when religion strays itself from its purpose that I struggle with whether its a good idea at all. War and conflict in gods names. This is men twisting our basic beliefs for there own purposes not for gods which I already know to be mans attempt to live together in good harmony. People like to say "Can't we all get along ?".  The simple answer is no. We can't ALL get along, the vast majority of us can and do but a small minority can and do exploit groups of us for there own purposes.

 Belief in a higher power is not the same as belief in religion. I can believe that there is something greater, wiser and more powerful then myself out there. Something that I am and may even remain unable to even comprehend or understand.

 I believe religion was started with a lie and tho the intention was good like any lie we reap what we sow. I wonder if the world is ready to drop the pretenses and just believe in the good words and good works of Man.

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